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How to Increase Sales by Attracting Millennials to Your Restaurant

People born between 1980’s till 1990’s are known as Millennials. They are characterized as confident, optimistic, and self-expressive possessing multi-tasking personalities. Also known as generation Y, they’ve grown up in a world surrounded by technology and the internet. So these things are always present in their daily lifestyle and routine tasks. People belonging to this generation like adventure and trying new things, as well as convenience and flexibility. It’s a growing trend in generation Y to become a foodie. This generation is more passionate about the food than any other generation. 60 % of Millennials go out for a lunch or dinner at least once a week and they tend to expect a lot from the foodservice industry. Their eating habits make them different from other generations. For generation Y, dining is a social event, an opportunity to connect and interact with different people. They prefer eating out at different restaurants and try out new food, explore variety of tastes. They pay a lot of attention on what they eat and where they eat. Millennials are more careful towards reading labels on the food packages before consuming it. Healthier and tastier food is their preference. Unlike their parents, they are not high on brand loyalty and switch brands quite easily. Restaurants can significantly increase their sales by targeting this larger generation segment, but one needs to cater for Millennials’ needs.

Here are some ideas that can help you attract more Millennials to your establishment:

Word-of-mouth recommendations

In every business word of mouth has been proved as one of the most effective strategies for attracting and gaining trust of the customers. Millennials use social networking and other online resources such as digital media for collecting suggestions, feedbacks, and reviews when choosing a place for their next dinner. They are highly influenced by peers’ opinions, so adding a simple “wow” factor like a piece of cake for a birthday person or a song during their meal makes their dining experience more unforgettable and worthy of sharing with friends.

Improved online presence

Technology and Millennials basically go hand-in-hand. You need to make sure your website is responsive (looks good on any device) and offers basic information about your restaurant (like menu, specials, location, and hours). Your menu needs to be up-to-date and easily readable, quality food pictures are highly recommended. It’s also nice to offer Online Ordering (read more at Online Ordering on your Restaurant Website boosts Sales and Customer Loyalty) and Advance ordering. Millenials value convenience and their time. 

Social Media

Millennials are the most active members on Social Media, so make sure you have engaging Facebook, Twitter and Instagram profiles. Run your promotions across your social media accounts. Give this generation an opportunity to interact with your brand. Spread powerful messages that relate to generation Y. Your messages must be strong enough so that they feel a sense of connection with your restaurant. Buying Facebook Ads is also a good option.

Offer Free Wi-Fi

Offer free wireless Internet in your restaurant, Millennials like to always be connected as their daily tasks require internet. Make sure you put a notice that Free Wi-Fi is available. 

Improve your menu

Millennials like quality ingredients and prefer healthier food. Make sure to specify if you have local ingredients, organic, non-GMO, hormone free, antibiotic free and so on. It’s also good to work on the language of your menu, ‘Warm Chocolate Brownie’ sounds much better than just ‘Brownie’.

Offer customization

Give them some of control over their experience. They want to decide what goes into their meal. Customized meals is something they like to see in a restaurant. 

Promote your Specials and Events

It’s good to have some lunch specials for the Millennials on-the-go. Make sure they are aware of your Meatless Monday or Taco Tuesday or whatever promotion you offer. They like discounts and will share this info with their friends. 

Encourage them to express themselves

Let them take a picture of their plates and share on Social Media, organize contests choosing the best picture of your food, offer a free dinner for the winner. 

Listen to your millennial personnel

If you have younger employees, ask them for their ideas when creating your restaurant’s message. 

If you are looking to boost sales and stay ahead of the competition, catering for the needs of Millennials and attracting them to your restaurant can make a big difference to your bottom line. Generation Y will be rapidly growing in the coming years, so it is the right time for restaurant owners to start implementing some of these tips. 

Try some of these ideas in action and watch your restaurant business grow.

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