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Catering Website Design – Grow Your Catering Business with a new Website

Catering Website Design

In catering, word of mouth has always been one of the best forms of marketing. You provide great food and event organization, people share their experiences with friends, family, co-workers. Even nowadays, we cannot deny the power of word-of-mouth marketing. We still ask the people we know for their feedback, but we often use technology to do that. Private face-to-face discussions have become less common due to the wide use of Social Media. That’s why it has become more important to have a quality online presence, including attractive, functional and user friendly website. 

The look and feel of your website reflects the look and feel of your business. Let’s discuss some of the main ingredients of a successful catering website.

Food Photos

It’s important to have photos of your food and ideally also of your events. Potential customers want to see what the experience is like before placing their order. We should point out that photos need to be of good quality, otherwise they can break everything. Keep in mind, that too many photos can be distracting.

Legible Menu

The food menu is a central piece of any catering business. The menu needs to be clear and simple. Have a PDF Menu? It’s quick and easy to post you menu as a PDF download and many caterers do it, but do your customers want to download something to their computers? And if they are on a mobile device, it becomes even more problematic. We strongly recommend that caterers present their menus as a part of website design, your menu should be easily accessible and readable on any device.

Accessible Contact Info / Location and Hours

Make sure you include this basic information to your catering website. Your phone number, location and hours need to be quickly accessed on mobile devices. If your website is a mobile-friendly website, when a customer clicks on your phone number, a call is initiated; when a customer clicks on your address, a maps app is opened to see the driving directions.

Social Media Links / Like Button

Catering companies are a social business. People gather and celebrate events, socialize. You need to have a social proof that real people do use your catering service. Social networks like Facebook and Instagram have become very popular in food service industry, and many potential customers check out those pages while making their choice.

Online Ordering

Add the convenience of placing orders online. As a caterer you want to make the ordering process quick, accurate and easy. Meet the needs of your customers and always remember that you sell value, convenience and reliability, not price.

Your website and social media presence provide one of the largest opportunities to attract potential customers and connect with them. Getting a quality catering website is a small investment that will not only pay for itself, but will make a big impact on the future of your catering business. Need any help with your catering website? With Smart Web Restaurant you can get a new mobile-friendly website for as low as $29.99/month. For more information, feel free to contact us at

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